Ipsy Time! April: Beautifully Bohemian


The bag is okay.  I like the style, but the colors are a little icky together.  It’s like a wicker chair and a rag rug had a lovechild.  Still, it fits the theme, so I have to give points for that.  I’m extra impressed that they can make such a sturdy bag from paper.   4 out of 5.

MicaBeauty Cosmetics, Eye Primer ipsy sample 4g $21.66  I needed this and I will get tons of use out of it, but the formula seems really weird to me.  MICABeauty is one of those natural minerals brands, so the smell and texture of the primer can be attributed to that.  It’s much stickier than other primers I’ve used, but that just helps it hold shadow better.  I kid you not, though, it smells exactly like modeling clay, and I can even imagine the texture of this being the same as if I smeared modeling clay on my eyelids.  It still does a good job clinging to even the most hopeless shadows.  4 of 5, one off from my prediction.

Starlooks, Satin Finish Lip Gloss – (Color: Cuddle) ipsy sample 0.3 oz $4  This is my surprise 5 of 5 from April’s bag.  I typically don’t enjoy lip gloss, but this one is really great.  The color is just a slight bit warmer than my lips, but the gloss contains very fine multicolor glitter.  This formula isn’t sticky at all.  I know I will use this down to the last drop (the last one I can reach anyway).  5 of 5.

JulieG, Nail Color (Color: Damsel) full-size $3.99 JulieG also surprised me.  A few months ago, I received a China Glaze polish, and it took three coats to get the full color effect.  JulieG delivers in just one coat and dries in seconds.  I swear, if you have five minutes to get out the door and wish you had done something with your nails, this stuff is awesome!  I literally did just that.  My boyfriend was getting dressed to go to the store, came out to ask if I was ready and saw me painting my nails.  “Nevermind,” he said.  “No, we’re good,” I held up my hands, “It’s already dry.”  5 of 5.


Olive Natural Beauty, Olive Lips Lip Balm – full-size $5.95 This lip balm is decent.  It wasn’t a big surprise or anything.  The most surprising part is the smell.  Imagine biting into a specialty dark chocolate bar with almonds and dried fruit.  That’s what this balm smells like.  My lips feel good.  Not quite as instantly restored like Chapstick, but a little better than Burt’s Bees. 4 of 5.

theBalm, Nude Dude Eyeshadow – (Color: Flirty) ipsy single $3.75 My only real flop this month.  I still don’t totally hate it, but primer is mandatory to get any enjoyment from this shadow.  I had to dig my brush deep into it and lay down three layers to make it visible on bare skin.  Over primer, you can see it’s a lovely pale purple-mauve with gold shimmer.  I am happy with the color this time.  I fully expected they would send me the coppery color again, so the variety this month is nice.  2 of 5.

Top to bottom: MICABeauty Eye Primer, Nude Dude Eyeshadow with primer, Nude Dude Eyeshadow without primer, Starlooks Lip Gloss

Top to bottom: MICABeauty Eye Primer, Nude Dude Eyeshadow with primer, Nude Dude Eyeshadow without primer, Starlooks Lip Gloss

Total value: $39.35; ipsy price: $10

Overall Score: 4 – Just an A There are so many useful things in April’s bag.  I will use all of them, even the shadow.  This may not be my most exciting bag, but it will be the one that gets the most mileage, and a couple items really impressed me. If you’re not already a subscriber and you’d like to be, I’d be so grateful if you used my referral link.  Thanks so much!  Peace 🙂


3 thoughts on “Ipsy Time! April: Beautifully Bohemian

  1. I love your reviews. They’re so detailed and honest. I’m getting the Nude Dude eyeshadow in my Ipsy (should be here tomorrow), and I’m not too excited about it. The packaging seems weird to me. Nude Dude? Seriously? For some reason I’m always getting coppery, orange, or peachy looking eyeshadow and blush in all my beauty boxes, and I have to give them to my nineteen year old daughter. She’s happy. I’d love it if they gave me more pinks and purples, cause they go better with my skin. I hope they give me the same color you got, cause well, maybe that’ll make up for the silly packaging.

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    1. This month was a surprise, for sure. The packaging isn’t really that bad (other than the cheese factor of stroking some cartoon guy with my shadow brush). It’s magnetic, so the flap is secure. Six months in, I feel like doing another ipsy eye makeup lineup or something.

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