We’ve Got Chemistry

Take a peek into my bathroom and you’ll find a bevy of beauty products.  Makeup gets plenty of attention, but there are tons of other players behind the scenes.  Roll credits!


A good shower gets things started.  I start out with a volumizing combo from Herbal Essences.  Naked Volume has a very fresh minty scent (it’s meant to be grapefruit and mint).  After that, I reach for a pouf and my Hello Kitty body wash.  I actually have a good reason for reaching for this scent.  I’m not a hardcore Hello Kitty fan, but the fruity smell reminds me of my friend’s house when I was little.  Just a bit of nostalgia, and nothing will make you feel clean like a visit to your childhood.


Next up, before I dry my hair, I work in a puff of mousse, also from Herbal Essences.  I scrunch my hair with my hands as I blow dry, then I spray those big waves in place with yet another volumizing product from Herbal Essences.  I’m loving the hell out of their new line. Also, I’m giving their hairspray a try, because they sent me a coupon and apology for the faulty dry shampoo nozzle.  I haven’t had any problems with their other containers, so this is neither a rant on their products nor a plug for the hook-up.  I just really like Herbal Essences.


I only just started using Go 360° Clean after I saw a really neat post about using the included scrub pad to clean makeup brushes.  My skin can get pretty rough, but typical scrubs are a bit too harsh to use daily, and unfortunately my skin demands it.  The rubber nibs on the scrub pad are gentle enough to massage away roughness while I wash my face.  I reach for a classic on Mask Monday to wick out any hidden nastiness and tighten my pores, and then I finish my clean face with a sensitive skin astringent from Clean & Clear.


When it’s time to turn in, I brush with Crest and protect my lips with Malin + Goetz lip balm.  It has surprising staying power overnight, but I also wear it to work.  For my dry skin, I slather on the Pond’s.  Yeah, it kind of makes me smell like an elementary school teacher, but it’s a wonderful barrier against the drying central heat and air this time of year.

Like I’ve said, the best foundation is not found in a makeup box.  Part 1 is maintaining a healthy body (something I’m working on all the time), Part 2 is the daily upkeep that people don’t see.  Now you’ve seen mine; what’s in your bathroom?


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