Velvet 59 by Paris Manning


via velvet59byparis on facebook

As I mentioned in my ipsy sneak peek post, I’m crossing my fingers for the Velvet 59 lip gloss. The color interests me the most, but upon doing some research, I’m pretty amazed by the company. The Velvet 59 website has the look of a WordPress blog with a lo-res logo. To get an idea how much the lip gloss is worth, I clicked on the Products page. They have just as many shades of lip gloss as they do products “Coming Soon.” That is to say, Velvet 59 only has 5 products right now and all are lip gloss. They are planning on releasing mascara, matte lipstick, eyeliner, a contouring palette and something for brows.
I was surprised to see such an small company made it into the ipsy lineup. Really? Just five colors of gloss and you’re opening up shop? I know Chef Ramsay tells restaurateurs to simplify their menu for efficiency, but I’m not so sure this is the best advice for cosmetic companies.
Not ready to give up just yet, I decide to check out their News page. One single article is posted: WE WERE ONE OF OPRAH’S FAVORITE THINGS OF 2014! A Velvet 59 gloss was featured in a Circle of Friends box (uh oh, another subscription). According to the facebook page Velvet 59 launched in June 2014. That’s a good sign. A brand new company whose very first news story is an Oprah endorsement? Well done!
So who is Paris Manning? A driven, young makeup guru from the U.K. who grew up in the business of cosmetics. Relax, Late Bloomers, Paris was born into her passion and made a beeline through the Bobbi Brown program at Emerson College so that you could enjoy these products ASAP. I’m glad, ipsy’s glad, Oprah’s glad, and you’ll be glad too, that this 21-year-old didn’t wait another minute to kick off Velvet 59.
Paris promises all Velvet 59 products are animal friendly, which is something I value. We’ve tested enough chemicals on animals to have a pretty good idea what most cosmetic products will do, so if you can’t produce makeup with what you’ve got, maybe you just shouldn’t be making it. Putting dyes in bunny eyes for the sake of a passing fashion rubs me the same way as killing a rhino so you can get it up. I’m thankful for every beauty entrepreneur who takes such kindness into consideration.
From the picture, it looks like ipsy subscribers receiving this product will get to try out the shade Noisette. You can see all the colors sampled on 2curlychicas channel and HoneysCurls review. If you don’t get the lip gloss in your ipsy bag or you want to purchase different colors, you can go straight the the Velvet 59 site.  If you’re not an ipsy subscriber and would like to be, please use my referral link ❤


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