Ipsy Sneak Peeks for January

Ipsy’s January 2015 theme is Fresh Start.  They boast a return to the basics for a fresh new face.  If you saw my December haul, you know I referred to it as the “I wake up beautiful” look, so this will be two months in a row of the more natural look.

Sneak Peek #1 – All ipsy bags will contain one of these items.


There’s a 50% chance of getting eyeliner this month.  If you have brown eyes, you probably will (look at all the navy this month!).  I wish I could say that you’ll get the eyelash curler as long as you have your preferences set to receive tools, but so far I’ve only gotten a brush.  Brushes are great!  You can have many of the same style brush and still have a use for one more.  Not quite the same story with eyelash curlers.  It’s good to have a backup in case you wear through the rubber on your current one, but there’s really no point in having multiples in circulation.  In my case, I needed one so badly that I finally just bought one, so I will laugh if I get it this month.

Mascara is always a nice ipsy item.  As often as mascara needs to be replaced, it’s nice to have a fresh supply.  The only catch is finding the perfect formula.  I’m still excited to receive mascara, because I’m still looking.  If you’ve already got a mascara you enjoy, you probably just buy it yourself.

And what’s this? Eye shadow?  Nothing wrong with having more colors to use.  I like that coppery color, but honestly ipsy has sent me eye products in an almost identical shade for the last two months.  My favorite has been Fairy Dust from Pixi by Petra.

Sneak Peek #2 – All ipsy bags will contain one of these items.


What did I say about brushes?  Well, you’re probably getting one this month.  Considering I never get nail polish, I’m not holding my breath, but I will cross my fingers for that lip gloss.  That’s the closest thing I’ve seen to Marsala so far, and it’s great to see it incorporated into the Fresh Start bag.

Primer is super useful as long as it’s the right formula for your skin.  The only product that concerns me is the shimmer lotion, because nothing brings attention to my pores like that radiant glow.

January 5th email update

Sneak Peek #3 – All ipsy bags will contain one of these.


Oh, no, there’s the eye product I knew I’d get.  So if they plan to give everyone one of these, I wonder how they’re going to swing the Bellapierre stuff from the first sneak peek.  I had my heart set on that copper color, but isn’t it going to be a little redundant to have two mineral eye shadows in one bag?

Sneak Peek #4 – All ipsy bags will contain one of these items.


Lots of lip and skin love here.  I’ll actually be happy with any of these things.  The mask could be dodgy for me, because I’ve had an allergic reaction to a peel mask recently.  Luckily, it comes in a tube instead of a foil packet, so I can try a test area first.  Also, MOJITO!  Mmm, I’m super excited now.  Just knowing I’ll get any one of these made my day.

Which of these are you hoping to receive?  Have you tried any of these products?


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