2014: 14 Favorites



1. Hot pink: I’ve never been a pink person.  I thought “girl toys” were dumb when I was a kid and I wouldn’t be caught dead in anything pink.  Ninja Turtles and Beetlejuice were my jam.  After several years doing the goth thing in college, I decided it would be funny to screw with people and start having pink accessories.  I had a pink Nintendo DS and deep down I aspired to irritate people on the same level that Peach irritates people in Mario Kart.  You’re in first and suddenly you get nuked with a blue shell, then this cutesy little cart zooms by your wreckage.  I wanted to be the cutesy one that the guys underestimate, and then leave them all in a wake of carnage.  Pink, sparkly carnage.  Little did I know hot pink was the most amazing color in the world for me.  My boyfriend bought a hot pink wig for Halloween, but it got hot and uncomfortable halfway through the night, so I decided to add it to my pink monster costume.  Queue heavenly choir music.  It looked amazing.  I’m now obsessed with hot pink.


2. Matcha green: This color pops up in housewares enough that you could decorate your entire home with it.  It’s soothing.  It’s earthy.  It’s beautiful.  Best of all, my boyfriend loves this color too, and we’re thinking of painting a few walls this color.



3. J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Red Potion: I haven’t worn anything this deep red since the mid-90s.  I forgot how fun it is.  When ipsy chose this item for my November bag, I was uneasy, especially since my boyfriend has expressed a singular dislike for red lipstick out of all cosmetic products.  Well, you won’t catch me backing down from many new experiences (I put hummus on a maple-glazed donut last night because someone mentioned it and I was curious).  This lip paint is gorgeous.


4. Revlon Define lashes: When before-and-after galleries pop up on my newsfeed, I notice one key difference that appears in each transformation to make the biggest improvement.  False lashes will take you from housewife to movie star.  My problem was with application and longevity.  If I actually could get them to stick at all, they would usually pop off from the inside end within minutes.  Revlon lashes have a better glue, more flexible strip, and the perfect lash tweezers for positioning the lashes flush with the last line.  They’re so easy to apply and look beautiful.



5. Midi rings: As a larger lady who works on the computer several hours each day, I typically skip wearing rings.  They can be uncomfortable in an office setting, and in order to be large enough for my fingers, they must also be fairly heavy.  This year, I began noticing several people wearing rings on the middle knuckle of their fingers.  Everything from bulky quartz points to dainty stacked bands.  I have a few small rings that I’ve stopped wearing, so I tried out the look.  Holy hell!  This is the best place to wear rings.  Your hands look and feel so elegant this way.

nerd (2)

6. My hat: I had my eye on the NERD hat for months before I caved an bought it.  I wish the weather was colder so I could wear it more often.



7. Bad Suns “Cardiac Arrest”: Spotify informed me that this track was my top listened track for 2014, and I really do enjoy it.  I’m not sure why I enjoy it so much, because the visual I get from the melody isn’t something that typically interests me.  When the guitar opens, it feels like I’m about to watch some sort of GoPro surfing video.  Whatever! Great song.


8. Bastille: Not a new band, but I only just realized this year how much I like everything they do.  Such intelligent lyrics and complex melodies will always earn my respect, and I love Dan Smith’s unique voice.  He uses daring vocal stops that you might normally think “This person is afraid they can’t hold the note.”  Instead, it sounds artful and calculated.



9. Cherry Pepper Bombshell from Pizza Hut:  November 19th, Pizza Hut released their new line of toppings and add-ons along with some suggestions on how to best enjoy these combinations.  Cherry Pepper Bombshell uses cherry peppers (duh), salami, and fresh spinach (they add this at the end so it’s just the slightest bit wilted) with a balsamic vinaigrette drizzle on top.  It’s sweet, sour and salty.  A new favorite of mine for sure.


10. Teavanna Oprah Chai Latte from Starbucks: Damn you, Starbucks.  Damn you, Oprah.  This is expensive and habit-forming.  Release me from your spell!



11. grav3yardgirl: I’ve mentioned her before, and if you haven’t checked her out, do it!  She’s so goofy and fun, and she’s willing to try anything in the name of beauty.  Her optimism is contagious.


12. Victoria Donelda: Almost the opposite of contagious optimism is Victoria’s realistic cynicism.  She’s not afraid to tell it like it is.  She’s an expert in her field, but still young and living the very real struggle of a person on the verge of an art degree.  I predict great things for this fearless woman, and I always enjoy the frankness of her vlogs.



13. Skeleton keys: Pick a motif for my 2014.  KEYS!  I’m not sure why I don’t have a tattoo of a key.  I work in apartment rentals, and I feel like it is my place in the universe to present each person with the key to their place in the universe.  Each key is special.  Keys are symbolic of mystery, protection and uniqueness.


14. My cat: Newest member of the family, I can’t imagine life without her.  She’s not cuddly, but she is still a great companion.  Wherever I go (inside the house) she follows, doing her own thing with me in clear view.  I love her dearly.


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