Works for Me

Well, today is the day. I had the courage to do my face for work. I usually go back to bed for a couple hours after I pick my boyfriend up from work, but this morning I didn’t get to sleep early enough for that nap to be helpful. I’d have gotten up for work feeling groggy as ever, so today seemed like a great day to spend my extra morning time getting dolled up. Except the hair…that still needs work. It actually fluffs out a lot around my ears, but this camera has a weird angle. Like, you can’t tell from my pictures, but I also have ears. Who knew?
So I’m still lovin’ the hell out of Hard Candy. I use a primer and lipstick that are very nice, and a concealer that’s fine if you don’t use the applicator included in the package. Revlon makes some great lash products, and damn if I can’t remember the brand of my brow makeup. I switched from a stick to a blendable pressed powder set, because grey-brown isn’t an easy color to find locally.
But folks, it’s been a slow day in the office. I’ve only had a couple of strangers come in, and they don’t know there’s anything different. My boss noticed, but her first reaction was that my shirt was different. I’ve worn this shirt to work a number of times, but she said, “Is that a new one? It’s just like that blue one you have.” I have no blue shirts that I wear to work. Only after I told her this did she also notice my makeup, but she said it looked nice. I guess today’s look really brought out the magenta in the shirt.
Also, as this is the first time I’ve had enough success with false lashes to wear them out of the house, I’m starting to think you could really tone up those lids lifting the weight. I mean, they’re comfortable, but after a few hours I can definitely tell my lids are heavier.
It’s a beautiful day today. The weather is cooling down, which means soon I won’t have to worry about my face melting in my truck with the broken A/C. The bathroom was warm this morning, though. So warm that when I got to work, I checked my face and found toilet paper lint on my upper lip from where I blotted away the sweat. I need a mini fan to clip to my towel rack. Woof!


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