Subs and Vids

Youtube and subscription boxes are awesome. If you’ve ever been a woman in an auto parts store, you’ll know what I mean when I say that I felt out of place in the cosmetics department. I could march my butt through men’s clothing all day long knowing exactly what jeans I needed to buy and maybe I’ll buy some underwear too, but the makeup section makes me so uncomfortable. Nobody really stares, but everyone in that department is in the beauty mindset, so they will check you out reflexively for style they like or dislike.
Now suppose you just go there because you’re hoping to find a color you’re not sure exists and you can’t spend a ton of money on just one item. You stand there looking for your price range, then you compare colors from a distance until you’re sure which one you want so that it looks like you always meant to grab it. People come and go. They know the perfect foundation and just need to restock on their favorite shades and tools. They’ve had years to get this down and you’re still not even sure if you’re making the right choices.
The internet is your friend. Youtube has tutorial videos coming in at a rate you could never finish watching, and now subscription boxes/bags like Ipsy are putting the tools right in your mailbox. Ipsy is a really special sub. You take a quiz to help them make choices about your product preferences and skin/eye/hair colors so you can be matched with items that you can really use. For $10/month, they’ll send you 4-5 full-size or deluxe samples in the mail. You get to try colors and brand you might normally be hesitant to test out due to price. I mean, come on, sometimes when you’re not sure how a product will look, paying for the high quality brands is a gamble. Ipsy not only offers you products they think you can rock, but they have tutorial videos using those very items so you can get the best results. They aren’t always spot on, but at least you can try things in the privacy of your own home. They’re like your well-meaning makeup maven friend who wants to give you a makeover at a slumber party using only the makeup they had on-hand. Some of it will be great, some of it was a good learning experience you can cross off the list.
So, yes, I’m getting an Ipsy bag soon and I’ll unbox that baby for the blog. Thank you muchly, Late Bloomers!


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