Awakening in a Box: Sweet Dreams


The new series at Awakening in a Box is Sleep and Dreams.  The first box in the series is “Sweet Dreams.”  The special items with this collection are a dreamcatcher and mini dream journal.  I got a black dreamcatcher, which strangely enough matches the aesthetic of my bedroom.  Yeah, I have all these bright colors everywhere, but my blankets, curtains and wall art are black and white.  I’ve already put it to good use and had lovely dreams.  I had no trouble getting to sleep last night and actually got up early this morning without feeling groggy.

The dream journal is handmade and folds up like a matchbook.  You know I have a lot to say, so there’s no way I can fit more than one dream in here, but what I can do is leave myself reminders.  If I can put a word or picture in the little notebook as I wake between dreams, I can write down everything I remember the next day.


These are really pretty pieces of smoky quartz.  One in a rich brown-grey, the other is just slightly smoky.  All my stones accompanied me on the nightstand last night.  This stone gets to the source of bad dreams, preventing rather than combating.


I love learning more uses for the stones in my collection.  Chrysoprase came to me in my first AiaB, the Heart box in August. I can’t help feeling at peace around this stone.  I wouldn’t say that I have recurring nightmares, but I definitely get into a self-destructive cycle of staying up late and needing a nap in the middle of the day.  Chrysoprase definitely put its foot down last night.  Maybe waking up early wasn’t the best way to break the cycle (I’m a little sleepy), but at least I had time to look nice for work today.


I love lepidolite.  I have tumbled pieces, but I’m enjoying exploring all the fine sheets of crystal in this piece.  This is the second Guardian stone I’ve gotten from AiaB (I got a red lemurian seed in my December box).  The benefits of this stone follow you into your dreams, so this was a very comprehensive collection.

The Sleep theme continues next month, and you still have time to subscribe.  If you’re not sure and you want to see what I’ve gotten in previous boxes, check them out here.


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