Face by Miss K’s Tonics

allofitmisskcolorThrough Memorial Day, there’s a 20% off sale at Miss K’s Tonics.  I took this opportunity to splurge on supplies since I’ve been very good lately.  I now have one of everything that’s in the shop (at least!).  Since it’s a lovely day to kick back and pamper my skin, I decided to get pictures of all the fun.  My face definitely needed a scrub, especially the cheeks near my nose.  That’s always the roughest area.



The face scrub is made with cornmeal, oats and lavandin.  One application uses 1 Tbsp of the powder and just a little bit of warm water.  The soothing, herbaceous lavandin scent is very prominent in this blend.  The oats give this scrub something most scrubs are lacking and that is control.  My number one pet peeve (okay, having skin allergies is number one) with face scrubs is the exfoliant granules rolling between my fingers so that they don’t actually scrub my face.  I essentially end up buffing my skin with my fingerprints and resort to using a washcloth to smooth away the roughness.  I didn’t have that issue at all with Miss K’s scrub.  The oats soak up enough water to make a paste to hold the exfoliants on your face as you rub.  I didn’t touch the washcloth this time.

The scrub worked so well, I honestly could have stopped there, but I couldn’t wait to try the clay mask.  As with the scrub, 1 Tbsp of powder with a little bit of warm water, mixed with plastic or wood.  No metal utensils!  The clay attracts metal particles.  The lavandin is less prominent in this blend.  It’s got a rich, aquatic fragrance from the kelp powder.  Kelp always reminds me of matcha tea for some reason.  Mixing was a little different from the scrub.  Go very slowly.  At first it seems like you’re not going to ever turn it into a paste, but when it starts, it happens fast.  As with any clay masks, I would recommend not letting it completely dry before rinsing off.  You want to pull the dirt and oils out and tighten the pores, not dehydrate your skin.


I finished it all up with a spritz of toner, and right now my face feels the way my legs feel when I crawl into bed after shaving.  Now that I’m really looking at these pictures, that mask even sucked up a few little blackheads.

That’s my Saturday!  What are you doing today?  Anything fun and exciting?  Do you have a weekend skin care routine?



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