Awakening in a Box: January


January marks the first month in the new Elements series from Awakening in a Box.  This box features stones attuned to Water and a special item with a water theme.  The special item is an herbal blend of bath salts.  I have some insight about the special item for another of the element boxes, and I can say Megan is doing an excellent job choosing items for the themes.  I wish I knew the specific blend of herbs and oils used for these salts, because they smell so nice.  Just having the bag at my desk has made the room smell good.  I won’t be able to do a full body soak with them, because we have a Frankenstein tub, but I enjoy using bath salts for my foot soaks.


Water is all about emotion, whether it’s a quiet, peaceful pond or a raging sea.  Sometimes water is calm on the surface, but churning violently beneath, the same way we put on a brave face when things aren’t going okay inside.  In my box, I received a tumbled piece of Sodalite.  I have received Sodalite in a previous box, but it was in the natural, rough form.  Stones sure come alive when you polish them up.  The colors of tumbled Sodalite are saturated deep blue and bright white.  As we learned from our Throat Chakra box, Sodalite’s function is to help us speak up about the things that trouble us.  Rather than pushing our concerns down and pretending they don’t exist, we release them so that we are not dealing with the problem alone.  Sometimes it just feels good to say the thing aloud.


I started collecting pieces of Amazonite from a shop in Fort Worth over a decade ago.  The shop is still there, but I haven’t been able to make the trip in a while.  Fortunately, AiaB has delivered all these fun things to me.  My picture doesn’t do this piece justice.  If you hold this piece under a very bright light, you can see through the aqua, and the white bits look foamy like sea water.  This stone has also been featured in another box from the chakra series, but it was not one of mine.  It is, however, suited to Virgo (me) and helps balance masculine and feminine energy, so that sounds perfect.


Indigo Gabbro is new to me.  I’ve only every heard of Merlinite.  The piece I received was rough, and just looked like a grey stone.  Looked it up and saw pictures of polished Merlinite and my jaw dropped.  Normally, I just let the rough stones stay rough and natural, but I couldn’t resist.  I’ve never had a piece of Indigo Gabbro, so I pulled out my Dremel and smoothed out one side of the stone to see the gorgeous milky blue-grey and semi-iridescent black-grey mottling.  This stone is absolutely stunning!  I can see why it’s such a special stone, but I may find it hard to open my mind while I’m focused on how pretty it is.  *gollum! gollum!*

This haul was packaged in a very small, very dense box due to the bath salts, so that is all I have to show you this month.  December was an exception to the usual 3 stone format of the box.  To find out more or see my past boxes, check out my AiaB page, or subscribe now to receive February’s element box: FIRE!


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