Hard Candy Jingle Nails – 5168


Hard Candy Jingle Nails 2015 Set of 24 – #5168


A natural follow-up to 5167, this glitter sheer is identical to the satin pink from last time.  I left yesterday’s pink swatched on my pinkie and the glitter blends right in.  The tint for 5168 is more visible on natural or white nails this time, unlike the blue glitter polish from last week.  It’s easier to see, in the pictures today, how 5167 & 5168 can appear anywhere from cotton candy to champagne depending on the light.  I think I may end up wearing 5168 alone.  The glitter content and size actually gives pretty even coverage.  Normally, I have to lay on several coats of glitter to keep it from coming out sparse and random.  Color me impressed.


3 thoughts on “Hard Candy Jingle Nails – 5168

  1. I was immediately drawn to the one on your pinkie, only to find out it was the one I really liked from yesterday.. guess that would be a keeper for me.. lol. I’m not much of a glitter girl, looks like.

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