Glamour Doll Eyes – September


These shadows have been tempting me so much, I decided to grab a few samples.  Glamour Doll Eyes is an indie makeup company with a focus on highly pigmented loose eyeshadows.  You can buy a full-size jar of a single color for $6, a smaller sample jar for $2.50 or a sample baggie for $1.25.  I only ordered five sample jars, but I received everything pictured above.  A GWP (gift with purchase) sample jar of this month’s color, two sample baggies probably not random since they’re quite similar to the shades I ordered, a sticker, a ticket for the monthly drawing, and some business cards to hand out to friends.


The package also included an info card to explain that if you end up buying the full size of any of the colors you sampled, you’ll get the price of the sample deducted from your purchase of the full product.  That’s pretty awesome!  And look at these colors!

Fiji Mermaid is the color I’ve been dying to try, but Geologic Lush also jumped out at me.  The others were somewhat industrial colors that made me think of rusty pipes and machinery.  Audacious and Disclose look like a good combo, and Courageous looks like it would pair with the GWP Stage Five Clinger that I received.  The colors in the sample baggies, Calypso and Cheapskate, fit right in.


Audacious really stands out here, and Cheapskate is just angelic. They seem to perform especially well on matte primer.  I plan to buy again in the near future, because A) so many colors! B) I want to try my colors foiled C) I’d like to have some of the full-size jars because I see these being a pretty frequent part of my look D) I’m already anticipating the next month’s GWP color.


Today’s work look uses Fiji Mermaid and Geologic Lush.  Also, in addition to ingredients, the labels tell you if your shadow is lip-safe.  I dusted my lips with Cheapskate for the finishing touch.  I definitely recommend Glamour Doll Eyes; they are my new favorite eyeshadow brand.


Audacious, Disclose and Cheapskate


Courageous and Stage Five Clinger (plus some black and white from Wet n Wild)


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