Ipsy Time! September: Face Fashion


I’m so glad this bag is more bronze in person.  It looked gold in all the pictures, but it’s actually more peachy.  It’s longer than the standard bags, so it’s great for brushes.  The interior is an apricot fabric and it’s a solid design.  5 out of 5.

Vasanti Cosmetics Brighten Up! Exfoliating Cleanser (travel size) 0.7 oz $10  Funny story, I couldn’t quite put my finger on the fragrance, but it reminded me of my grandmother.  That’s not a bad thing, it’s just a very traditional scent.  It feels and looks like baking soda toothpaste, but that turns out to be the perfect coarseness for exfoliating.  It feels finer than most scrubs, so it smooths away dry patches without being harsh on sensitive skin.  Very happy with this cleanser.  5 out of 5.

Formula X Nail Color (color: Ignite) 0.13oz $3.41 (full-size $10.50)  I’m sad the sample is so tiny, because this color is beautiful.  It’s the most gorgeous blood drop garnet, and it goes on shiny and smooth.  I was very surprised to love a red polish this much. 5 out of 5.


First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair® Cream 1 oz $14.12 (full-size $24)  The fragrance is reminiscent of Gold Bond and sunscreen, but it’s perfectly refreshing and hydrating.  It’s kept my cheeks happy and I’m considering using it on my cuticles to keep them looking great. 4 out of 5.

tre’StiQue Mini Matte Lip Crayon .02oz $10.67 (trio $32)  It’s a good thing I already got the eye crayon to match, I knew what to expect when I pulled this out of my bag.  Just like they eye crayon, the cap is designed to look like a pencil tip.  I’m in love with the texture of this stuff.  It’s like suede for your lips, and perfectly matte and opaque.  I’d love to try this brand in a different shade to see what it can really do.  5 out of 5.


NYX Cosmetics ipsy Eye Shadow Trio $6 (ipsy exclusive trio)  NYX just never seems to impress me.  I’ve gotten lip products from NYX in previous bags, but they didn’t do much for me.  I tested this with a shimmery primer, matte primer and bare skin.  The beige disappears on my skin and primer seems absolutely vital.  The Oreo brown matte shadow is actually really nice, so I’ll probably use that the most.  3 out of 5.


Total value: $44.20

Overall score: 4.5 A great bag!

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5 thoughts on “Ipsy Time! September: Face Fashion

  1. My bag was very similar to yours, and I was super disappointed with the bag. So much so that I switched to Birchbox for next month. I do subscription boxes for high end samples, and receiving a primarily drug store bag (and in such boring colors) sent me over the edge.


    1. I’ve been considering Birchbox, but lately the things I see from them don’t excite me much. I know that October will be my last Ipsy bag. I’m used to the bland colors as there seems to be no way to adjust the quiz in my favor. I said I’d give them a year so I could see how they handle every season, but this year’s looks have all been very “no makeup.” That’s not why I go into makeup in the 30s. At this point, I’ve found enough things I enjoy that I can make better choices on personal purchases. I think the next subscription I pick up might actually be Black Box.

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  2. love the nail color. I find it hard to wear dark nail color as it draws attention to my old gnarled fingers. Looks really nice on your nails.


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