My September Ipsy Reveal


September’s ipsy theme is Face Fashion.  Expect lots of classic colors here.  The models dressed in gold and beige for the shoot which made it even more apparent that they’re all warm toned and look great in those colors.  There’s nowhere on the ipsy quiz to specify your tone, and I get makeup suited to warm tones quite frequently, so of course I was a little nervous about this bag.  Fortunately, it looks like my goodies this month will all work okay.

Vasanti Cosmetics Brighten Up! Exfoliating Cleanser (travel size) 0.7 oz $10 Okay, I swear they’ve reduced the price on this since the last time I checked, but $10 seems much more reasonable.  When I first saw “brighten” in the name of this, I was worried it would be another serum or cream, and I’m pretty well covered on that front.  I always enjoy cleansers, and I’m excited to try this one with its exfoliating ability.  I’m predicting 4 out of 5.

Formula X Nail Color (color: Ignite) 0.13oz $3.41 (full-size $10.50) It seems weird to get a sample size of nail color, but according to the website, the full size contains three times as much.  That’s fine, because I don’t see myself wearing red very often.  I’ll make an exception for the days I want to go glam with the reds in my Revealed 3 palette (because damn they’re pretty).  I’m going to predict 3 out of 5, because I’m not over the moon about this product.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair® Cream 1 oz $14.12 (full-size $24) What did I just say about creams?  I guess I can always make an exception for some extra hydration.  The skin between my nose and cheeks always gets dry, so maybe I need to try a different moisturizer.  Sitting at 3 out of 5 and hoping it changes my mind.

tre’StiQue Mini Matte Lip Crayon .02oz $10.67 (trio $32) Not gonna lie, I thought I was getting another eye crayon just like before.  This is the lip crayon counterpart and the stick looks just the same.  I’m worried I’ll end up putting lip crayon on my eyes and eye crayon on my lips.  It will be kind of cute to have the matching set though.  I enjoy the eye crayon, so I’m sure this lip crayon will be nice too.  Thinking 4 out of 5.

NYX Cosmetics ipsy Eye Shadow Trio $6 (ipsy exclusive trio)  NYX put together a trio especially for ipsy this month, which is pretty neat.  I’m crossing my fingers for some rich pigments, because the coppery color and the dark brown would be awesome to have in my collection.  I know I said warm tones don’t work for me, but I just think copper is so pretty.  Holding out for 4 out of 5.

Total value: $44.20

I know I didn’t designate any of these as 5 out of 5 this month, and I may still change my mind once I try them.  I just don’t feel like this has been the best set of products for me, but looking at this month’s full list, I’m not sure they could have done better.  I’m hoping we get some fun colors for October, because last year their September and October themes were Street Style and Beauty Candy.  This year has been super tame and subdued.  If you’d like to try out October’s bag with me, there’s still time to subscribe though the end of the month. It’s only $10 a month, shipping included, and you always get more than $10 worth of makeup and beauty products.  Are you already getting September’s bag?  What’s in your bag?

2 thoughts on “My September Ipsy Reveal

  1. I’m excited for you! I got the Vasanti Brighten Up in a BirchBox about a year ago… and I’ve washed my face with it every morning since! I know you’re not “supposed” to exfoliate every day, but I have incredibly dry skin, and it’s so very gentle. My skin looks amazing since I got it. I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
    I am getting the face scrub (YAY, but, I already have it!) and the NYX eyeshadow, a City Color lipstick, Pixi eyebrow trio, and a Crown concealer brush. I’m not over the moon excited, but it does look like a fairly nice bag!

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