Polyvore Playtime!

I have a serum review running through the approval phase right now, and it’s taking a bit longer than I expected.  While we wait for that, here are some new sets I’ve put together on Polyvore.  I’m making an effort to keep the pieces affordable, since some of the previous sets had insanely expensive designer items.  I’ll do some rich dummy sets later when I just want to play with aesthetics, but for now, my sets are realistic for public enjoyment.


Cyan, Magenta, Yellow – A super bright, cheerful, pan-tastic look for kickin’ it around town on a lazy summer day.


A spicy bohemian summer road trip style. Hop in the car with your crew and let the wind blow through your hair. Destination: anywhere!


“Let me refresh your lemonade, hun.” Smell the burgers on the grill and the freshly cut grass.



Earth goddess, wild and free. Watch her dancing in the wind, swaying with the tall grass.

Check out my personal Polyvore board on Pinterest.


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