Beginner Makeup Series: Brows

I love the Beginner Makeup Series on Dorkchops. I agree with the info collected and outlined here, and I think regardless of how comfortable you are with makeup, you should check it out. Whether you’re still trying to find your style or you’re pretty sure you have it, but want to check your notes, it’s worth the quick read. Eyebrows make the most dramatic difference in your look, and they set the tone for the person you’ll be presenting to the world. Don’t believe me? Check out my Before & After gallery to see what a struggle it is to get THE perfect brow look.


BeginnerMakeupSeriesHeaderPart 2 | B R O W S

Everyone has been obsessed with having brows that are on fleek and it has been all the rave, we see it being talked about everywhere! Today I’m going to share some tips on how to achieve great looking brows and I hope they will help you out if you needed some advice on where to get started. =)


♡ For those of you who have dark hair, choose a shade that is two to three times lighter and for those of you who have lighter hair, choose a shade two to three times darker!

♡ Always choose a matte shade for a natural everyday look, especially if you decide to use an eyeshadow as a brow colour.


♡ Pencil – Using a pencil can be a little tricky because it’s easy to press on it too hard and end up with dark, harsh…

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