Personality Quizzes!

Not gonna lie; as a teenager, one of my favorite magazine sections was the personality quiz each month.  It must have been the same for a number of people, because these quizzes have made a huge showing in all forms of social media (and forums before that).  I coined the term “Pop-Tart Thread” to describe the most popular threads on web forums, because it seemed like more people were interested in finding out what kind of Pop-Tart they are than discussing serious topics.  But y’know what? There’s nothing wrong with that.  Especially now when you can’t even check on your friends and family without getting into some kind of political debate, it’s nice to take a break with something fun.  Finding out the color of your aura and sharing it with your friends is as much a way of lightening the mood as it is expressing your essential similarities and differences to the people around you.  People on both sides of a debate can be chocolate chip cookies, and they can be friends with oatmeal cookies and snickerdoodles.  Little things that seem like they don’t matter, but somehow give us a better understanding of ourselves and others.  Anyone can put together a quiz, and the results may only spit back exactly what we answered on the questions, so it’s more about having fun and sharing an activity than learning solid facts, but you’re always free to toss the results or share them with an explanation of your own.

I’d like to share a few quizzes that are going around.  Take them, share them, discuss them with your friends.  I’ll put my results here too.

What Type of Weather is Your Anger?

Your anger is a raging tornado! When you get mad, there is always a sort of calm before the storm.. The air gets warm and you are quiet, and then out of nowhere your spinning vortex of rage descends upon everyone around you and destroys everything in its path! Luckily when you start to calm down, the sun comes out brighter than ever and you easily forgive whatever put you off to begin with!

I’ve seen this quiz make the rounds a couple times.  I agree with the results I’ve seen (for everyone I’ve seen get angry anyway).  Tornado fits me pretty well.  I’m typically a peaceful person.  I don’t like to cause trouble, and I’m always hopeful that people will back off before they push me to my breaking point.  The problem is now and then I’ll get pushed too far and explode without giving warning.  The outburst could have been avoided if I had spoken up when the problem was small, but that’s just not how I operate.  It’s caused me to walk away from jobs leaving bosses wondering what the hell happened, and I’m not particularly proud of that fact.

What Color is Your Ego?

Your ego is white. Your ego is full of purity, innocence, wholeness and completion, representing both the positive and negative aspects of life. Its basic feature is equality, implying fairness and impartiality, neutrality and independence. You are very neat and efficient though at time you are also perceived as critical and unimaginative.

So…all the colors at once, I guess.  If they’re going to call it wholeness and completion, it doesn’t make much sense to also call it pure and innocent.  This is an example of a result that I would either dismiss or use to start a discussion.  I don’t consider myself pure or innocent, and I’ve never been accused of being unimaginative.  With that in mind, however, I can imagine my friends reminding me that I abstain from a number of activities.  Not because I think there’s anything wrong with those things, I just don’t care for them.  I’ve tried, I’m not not interested.  I guess that’s the neutrality part.

What Kind of Pop-Tart are You Actually?

You got: Brown Sugar Cinnamon You are the Aristotle of your generation. If your life were “Empire Records”, you’d be the turtleneck wearing, lovable weirdo with the wise words to sooth any soul. You like to ponder life’s big questions. Like, is it appropriate to fart with reckless abandon in public if you know no one can hear you?

How about that?  There is a Pop-Tart quiz!  And I’m a weirdo.  What kind of Pop-Tart are you?

If you enjoyed this post and you’d like me to gather more for a weekly list, comment below.  Also, I’d love to hear your results too!  Have fun!


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