Ipsy Time! May: Jetsetter


This bag is really cute, and really big compared to previous months.  There were three possible prints for this bag.  You can check out other designs on the ipsy site, facebook or instagram.  I’d never heard of Breakups to Makeup, but it looks like they make makeup-themed accessories and clothing.  They’re not a makeup company, they’re just about makeup. I’m surprised how much I can fit in this bag and I love the material.  5 out of 5. I won’t be reviewing the lashes in this bag, because I purchased them with my points (only 100 points!).

Urban Decay, 24/7 Glide-on Lip Pencil and Revolution Lipgloss sample – ipsy sample about $10 (full size $20) Really happy with this.  The lip pencil makes my lips feel soft and powdery so the lip gloss clings in place.  It’s made me love lip gloss.  The samples were also really nice.  I didn’t slather the gloss on as thick as the model, but the color with just a thin layer looks like something for daily wear.  I was worried about the purple sample, but it was my favorite since I’ve already got half a dozen products in the pink shade. 5 out of 5


BelláPierre Cosmetics, Waterproof Mineral Gel Eyeliner Pencilfull size $14.99 FML I had no idea a gel pencil would be such a hassle.  Apparently it’s unusual for gel eyeliner to be in a pencil form.  I’m finding out that it’s typically sold in pots for application with a brush.  I can see why.  My first five seconds with the pencil were total bliss.  So dark!  Such a clean line!  So smooth with such control!  And then the tip broke.  DO NOT sharpen it right away if this happens to you.  Put it in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes to firm up the gel or it will continually break off in your sharpener (also my sharpener is crappy, so I killed about $6 worth of product trying to get a point).  Oh, I forgot, it’s waterproof!  I made a huge mess and the one eye that I finished wouldn’t wipe off.  I’m willing to accept that a large part of this is user error, because a nicely sharpened pencil does beautiful things, but I had a hell of a time with it.  2 out of 5.



Pixi by Petra Beauty Bronzer – sold with kabuki brush for $18, ipsy size approx. $9 Okay, here’s the deal: it’s too shimmery for my face.  It draws all the wrong kind of attention to my large pores.  BUT it’s very similar to the Fairy Dust from December’s bag and it looks gorgeous on the eyes.  I’m going to treat this like a very generous pan of eyeshadow.  4 out of 5.

NUXE, Rêve de Miel® Facial Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Gel full-size $19, ipsy sample $1.45  Smells nice, feels nice, and makes my skin feel soft and fresh.  It’s nothing strange or surprising, but I like it alright. 4 out of 5.

CoTZ, Face Natural SPF 40 – full-size $19.99, ipsy sample $4.66 It’s interesting.  The little bit of tint vanishes when you rub it on, so I’m not sure it’s necessary.  It does have a nice matte finish and feels like pretty much any pore-minimizing primer.  SPF 40 may be overkill (I use 30 personally).  The price is the killer part.  That tiny little sample represents a fourth the full-size product.  I don’t know, what would you pay for a combination primer/sunscreen? Depending on how gnarly my skin is and what I plan to do all day, I’d either buy a foundation that’s got some protection in it, or save a ton of money on a big bottle of plain old sunscreen.  I wasn’t super impressed.  I’m sure this fits into the very specific needs of someone somewhere, but it just feels like an identity crisis in a tube.  3 out of 5.

Overall score: 3.83 On par with February’s bag with a high B.

Total value: $40.10; ipsy price: $10

I feel like I’ve been really harsh on this month’s bag.  There are some great products in this one, and there are some I just don’t find useful personally.  Part of the ipsy experience is being able to customize the content of your bag, so whatever challenges come my way each month are my responsibility, including a gel pencil.  I stated in my quiz that I was open to trying anything, and ipsy sends me some pretty crazy things.  I might sound cranky, but I promise I always find at least one new thing I can’t live without.  The bag is always worth more than $10, so I highly recommend a subscription.


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