Did I Go Crazy? 100th Post!

Quick edit: I just realized this is my 100th post. YAY!

So another blogger pointed me in the direction of e.l.f. for a sale on already inexpensive items.  I’m talkin’ 2 for $1 lipsticks and $2 custom eyeshadow palettes.  So of course I couldn’t resist.  Then I found out they offer free shipping on purchases of $35+ (shipping was $4.95, so it really didn’t warrant loading up my cart, but I did anyway).  I want to do a big haul once my order arrives, but I also want to say “Hey this stuff is on sale right now, so go get some!”

Here’s what I ordered:

eyes face lips nails

Yep, no discipline whatsoever.  I filled up my cart and checked out via PayPal at a satisfying $35.62.  For the record, Too Faced and Urban Decay shadow palettes cost more than all of the above, so I feel pretty good about my selection.  Actually, e.l.f. makes pretty good products, but they often get overlooked because the price is so low.  I’ve had a few of their products before, and enjoyed the texture and rich pigment.  Let’s hope these items are just as great.


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