My May Ipsy Reveal


I’m running a little late this month, but if you check out my last post you’ll understand why.  I’m intrigued by the selection this month.  I am relieved that I didn’t get another tube of Not Your Mother’s Deja Vu ‘Do, but also a little sad I didn’t get the GLAMGLOW product.  The thing that has me most excited is the Urban Decay lip pencil and lip gloss sample.  We’ll start there for my May predictions.

Urban Decay, 24/7 Glide-on Lip Pencil and Revolution Lipgloss sample – ipsy sample about $10 (full size $20)  A: *pouty face* it’s half a lip pencil, B: *shrug* I get to try some cool lip gloss colors, C: *cheer* Urban Decay!  I wouldn’t be likely to toss $20 at the full pencil to find out if a clear lip pencil is really awesome at holding lip gloss in place.  Emperor’s new clothes?  That’s pretty pricey for something invisible.  I trust in the quality of Urban Decay, so I’m actually looking forward to testing this out.  With a theme “Jetsetter” I knew I could expect travel size items, so it’s not really shocking to get half a pencil.  4 out of 5, but I hope I’m surprised.

BelláPierre Cosmetics, Waterproof Mineral Gel Eyeliner Pencilfull size $14.99 Well that’s nice.  A full size product! I’ve gotten a loose powder eyeshadow from this brand in a previous bag and I really enjoy it.  I’m excited about this being waterproof and gel, because my eyes are very rough with eyeliner.  I’ve only recently found a tightliner that works for me, so maybe this will be a nice compliment.  Expecting this to be my 5 of 5.

Pixi by Petra Beauty Bronzer – sold with kabuki brush for $18, ipsy size approx. $9 Pixi by Petra is also a returning brand for me.  I love the Fairy Dust.  The color is not far off from this bronzer, so maybe if it doesn’t satisfy the intended purpose I will use it as a shadow.  Couldn’t be any worse for my eyes than the eyeshadow single from theBalm in April. I’ve never had a shadow burn my eyes like that before.  It felt like I got salt in my eyes.  I’m not really in need of a bronzer and I’m hoping it’s not really shimmery so I can use it for contours.  4 of 5 most likely.

NUXE, Rêve de Miel® Facial Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Gel full-size $19, ipsy sample $1.45  I don’t think I need this, but I’ll try it anyway.  I’m testing out a great natural cleanser made by a friend.  Miss K’s Tonics will (fingers crossed) be ready for purchase January 2016.  In the meantime, I don’t mind sampling this sunflower & honey blend.  I bet it will smell lovely.  4 out of 5, because it probably works just fine, but I’ll be done with it in a week and back to my girl’s special concoction.

CoTZ, Face Natural SPF 40 – full-size $19.99, ipsy sample $4.66 What even?  Lightly tinted, matte sunscreen?  Could be nice.  Could be a good way to keep my winter pallor a bit longer without being greasy.  Throw rocks at me, but I think I look better without foundation so I’m open to this product.  Not sure how I will test out the sunblock capabilities other than maybe swatching my hand when I go out.  4 out of 5 and looking forward to learning more.

Total value: $40.10; ipsy price: $10

Interesting month for my glam bag.  The look with be clean and crisp with plenty of familiar brands.  Again, I’m not surprised that the Jetsetter theme includes so many travel size products, but the bag is always worth more than $10, so I highly recommend a subscription.

My tracking info shows arrival on the 18th, so check back later this month to see my reviews!


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