Glam Bag Equality


via ipsy

Sometimes when I check the prices on the sample products in the ipsy lineup, I can’t help feeling a little embarrassed to share my bag. It’s not because of the items in my bag being drugstore items that I could have bought anywhere–ipsy bags are always worth more than $10–it’s because there’s such a huge range in possible bag values. This month, it’s between $14 and $90, so it’s possible some people are getting a $14 bag and others are getting the $90 bag. Yes, it all depends on how you answered the quiz, but if someone decides to sub because of me and my bag is $60 and her bag is $20, it makes me feel a little guilty.
I guess it shouldn’t, though. Like I say, the bag is never worth less than the $10 subscription, but other than that it’s sort of a lottery. A fellow blogger suggested that if you don’t get things you like, you could just copy the quiz results of someone whose bags you enjoy. There are also trading groups to swap items each month if you know for sure you won’t use something.
March has two somewhat upsetting items. The St. Ives Apricot Scrub is something you typically already have or didn’t need. If you were in the market for a scrub, it’s a staple, and it’s not expensive. If the full-size product would fit in the envelope, they could have afforded to send that, but instead they’re sending a travel tube worth less than a dollar. The other item that irks me is the LANEIGE BB Cushion. The retail price is high, and you get $14 worth of the product, so what’s the problem? Oh, maybe that you won’t be able to use it all. The sample looks like something you’d get in a magazine. You know the kind: a little foil pack with a light, medium and dark sample, because it’s impossible to match foundation for a potential customer you’ve never seen. You might be somewhere in between the three samples and get to use more of the product through mixing, but otherwise you’ll just have to cut up the packet and give the other samples to your friends.
What’s your ideal Glam Bag? What items do you think need to be left out? If you could get your hands on a sample size of any product on the market, what would you LOVE to try?

2 thoughts on “Glam Bag Equality

  1. I love whatever I get. $10 is a fantastic price unlike the other”boxes” you can subscribe to. If I don’t like an item so what? My daughter or friend might! Mini gift!! I wouldn’t complain one bit!!


    1. $10 shipping included is a great deal. I love St. Ives Apricot Scrub. But my heart goes out to the people who got the scrub while they see their friends getting the $30 sample of brightening serum. It’s all bag karma, though. This month St. Ives, next month the situation could be totally flipped.


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