While You Wait

My ipsy bag should be finding its way to my mailbox right-the-eff now! I’m excited, but I can’t do anything with it until I’m ready to do my video tonight. I didn’t do a video for last month, because I’m fighting with my camera setup. I’m still having some issues, but I’d rather make an okay video and stay in practice than not make one at all.

So while you and I wait, here’s something awesome I’m working on for the new year. I’ve been bad. Every creative project in 2014 was such a huge challenge (people getting sick, having to go out of town for family legal business, unexpected moving, and that sort of thing) that I barely made or finished anything. I’m not due to get more hours at work for some time still, and my truck isn’t going to last forever, but I’m a capable and educated artist. I truly ought to be able to produce artwork for money, right? Starving artist? Is that why I went to college?
Anyway, I promised myself that each week in 2015, I would put something up on Etsy. My current obsession is mandala coloring pages. Remember when I made the crayon lip balm? Well, since then I’ve been in the mood to color, and I really wanted to create some nice lineart for other people to enjoy. I poked around on Etsy and found out what sort of prices artists are asking for their coloring pages and decided I needed to stop thinking about it and DO IT!
I’m two weeks into the year, going on three, and I have two coloring pages available in my store. I’m always looking for more themes, so comment with ideas for pages you’d like to see. I’m thinking of making some sort of makeup chart because the blank ones I’ve found online are super awkward.
You can check out my Etsy store. My coloring pages are formatted for 300dpi printing on copier paper or cardstock. I would love it if you bought a page or two. You can make lots of copies for your friends once you have the PDF, but please to not redistribute the PDF. Thank you so much!


Coloring page example. Store name and copyright symbols will not appear on the PDF.


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