Why Do Women Collect Beauty Products And Paint Our Faces?

Another sort of late bloomer with an excellent story about confidence.


I spent the first thirty years of my life an insecure mess.  I never left the house without my face painted, my hair straightened, and my clothes well thought out.  It didn’t matter where I was going or how long I would be gone.  If I was stepping out the door to check the mail, I took two hours to prepare.

Fast forward 37 years (I finally figured how old I am by using an online age calculator -I’ll be 38 in a couple of weeks).  I spent the last six years not using ANY makeup, hairspray, hair dye, etc.  I stopped going to the tanning bed (my fake sun damaged skin regrets me doing this).  I didn’t take the plunge to be beauty product free overnight.  It took years of working on my internal self to even be able to do this.  It was so uncomfortable at first, but I was determined.  I didn’t…

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2 thoughts on “Why Do Women Collect Beauty Products And Paint Our Faces?

    1. Sincerely, it took me 30 years without makeup to realize that I could just enjoy wearing it for myself. I avoided it most of my life because I worried what people would think if I just suddenly started wearing it. Who was I wearing it for? Who was I trying to be? Who did I think I would impress? Forget what people think, I just want to have fun. It’s art 🙂

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