November ipsy Makeover


The ipsy theme this month was Girl Meets Glitter, but I really didn’t pick up much sparkle in my haul.  I received the lip paint, eye pencil, eye base, highlighter and hairspray.  As terrified as I was to use the lip paint, it has been my favorite item from the bag, because it gave me a total ’90s flashback.  I pulled out my flannel for this look.  If you want to know about all the products in the bag, check out my sneak peek and unbagging entries.


Still didn’t do much with my hair, but the hairspray smells nice and isn’t gunky.  I left it in overnight and my hair feels healthy, not crunchy.  How does it hold? It’s okay.  My hair wasn’t ready to do any tricks last night, so I wasn’t demanding too much.

The eye base, once you get it warmed up, has the consistency of a lipstick, and the color is neutral enough that it cooled considerably on my face.  It’s wonderful at catching the pigment of eye shadows.  If you have a palette of cheap shadows, even the matte colors will come out looking like you dropped some serious cash.  I actually have this palette of probably 30 jellybean-sized shadows that came with a gift set, and I hadn’t used it for most of the year, because without primer it looks like something you’d give your child to pretend they were getting made up.  Not much color.  Primer or eye base = necessity for budget beauty.  Pay for that and you can use the plethora of drugstore shadows with great results.  Foundation, eye pencils, mascara, you just need the one that works for you, but eye shadow?  Welcome to the rainbow!  Can you really say you just want to wear the one color every day until you run out?  Can you really drop that much money on the expensive brands when you want so many different colors?  The eye base will cost you the price of probably two designer shadows.  You need this in your life.

The colors may have been a mistake for the eye pencil.  It’s not a strong purple, so I ended up going back over with a black liner on the corners of my eyes.  It’s a nice color, but I’d already laid down a darker shadow expecting the gem pencil to give a bright edge to my eyes.  Instead, it just made my shadow a little purple and glittery, so I was wishing I’d just used that for my shadow.  The only reason I went so dark on the eyes was because I knew the lips would be much darker than anything I wear.

Before I go on any further, I should mention that I tried the highlighter both under and over my powder, and it straight up doesn’t show on me.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m too light already, but it just didn’t deliver the way I had hoped.  I’ve heard this product is designed for an airbrush, but you would probably need a significantly larger bottle to attempt that.

Okay, back to the lips.  Super dark, but easy to line out with a lip brush.  I didn’t get the color bleeding like many people reported, but I brought it all the way out to the edge of my lips so there wouldn’t be any wrinkles for it to fall into.  You can use as little or as much as you’d like.  A large application has an opaque oxblood appearance while a thinner application comes out sort of cranberry.  Either way, when I finished, I was reminded of the dark lipstick I used to wear in the ’90s, so I went with it.  Flannel up!  Or would that be flannel down?  It’s relative, I guess, to whether the flannel is enhancing or relaxing your look.

Okay, score this bag:

Hairspray – Does what it says, smells nice, feels good, is helpful to me personally.  I’m going to give this one 4 of 5, because I feel like it could have held a little better. Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray

Lip paint – Surprised me, easy to use, stays on and in place, wipes off cleanly, gives intense color for a small amount of product.  No kidding, 5 out of 5.  I would buy this product again in a number of colors. J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint – Red Potion

Eye base – Wonderful texture, great hold, easy to use, great for all skin tones and neutral enough to use with any shadow.  Another 5 out of 5. Be a Bombshell Eye Base – Submissive

Eye pencil – Not as bright as the name suggests, but has nice texture and great sparkle.  Easy to use, easy to blend, fair color choice.  Only issue seems to be my choice of such dark shadow as the pigment offers translucent coverage.  I prefer dark liners.  Giving this one 3 out of 5 for its good quality and actual glitter for this month’s theme, but it’s not super useful to me.  That’s a shame at its retail value.  I wouldn’t buy this again, but I will certainly use up the one I have. Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil – Ultra Orchid

Highlighter – Thick or thin, you’re not getting much effect here, and it’s very expensive.  It’s a great idea, but there are inexpensive powders that could do a better job. It fit the theme of this month’s bag, so I feel like I’m obligated to give it at least 1 out of 5.  I don’t feel like an airbrush is something that most people keep on hand for things like this if that’s actually the best way to apply it.  TEMPTU S/B Highlighter – Pink Pearl

Overall stars: 3.6 which looks like a solid B.  Hey, I’m the perpetual B-student.  I made an art of working “just hard enough” in school, so this bag was clearly meant for me.


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