Get It?

This one inspires thought. There’s the sentiment it’s meant to convey, which the artist has used in the title, but I find a second meaning. You’ve got all this time on your hands, but you’re still watching the clock. Can’t wait to get to the next place. Don’t have enough time for what you’re doing now, or have too much time before you’re free to do something else. Late Bloomers will understand a quarter-life or mid-life crisis. “I’ve just used up a huge part of my time, and I wanted to do more before I got here.” Nobody is guaranteed to have another year, let alone a day, but we still watch the clock, waiting for the next thing. It’s only too late when you decide you’re never going to try. Until then, you have time.


too much time on my hands photography jrollendz

Shh, don’t give it away! Click the photo if you don’t understand!

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2 thoughts on “Get It?

    1. I did this photo of some apple cores covered in fake blood once, because I wanted to get some gory textures to use in photoshop, but I liked the colors and composition so well, I kept it as a finished piece. It didn’t really mean anything to me other than it looked cool, but the art student in me couldn’t deny that it was packed with symbolism. I just expect people to take from it whatever meaning they need, because art is a gateway to the subconscious. It is the answer you needed to see.


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