Round 2: FIGHT!

I’ve missed two whole days on my blog!  Things have actually been pretty busy here this weekend.  I’ve had to put the blinds back together twice this week, because the cat has taken an interest in the bird nest outside.  Apart from that, chores we finally got around to doing since the move.  The vacuum needed a new filter, and we absolutely had to do something with the carpet.  Today was a slow and easy Sunday, so I decided to get some practice in.

Round-2I didn’t get to do much makeup this week, because my face was still recovering from last Sunday’s allergic reaction, so I’ve been dying to try this primer I picked up.  It’s Hard Candy perfecting primer for large pores and fine lines.  It was a toss up between that and the balancing primer, but my giant pores are definitely a priority.  This stuff feels amazing.  It’s so light and smooth, I swear I could just wear this stuff on days I don’t feel like putting makeup on.

I took some advice from the boyfriend for today’s look.  Less on the eyebrows, and more natural lips.  I still wanted to do something dramatic with the eyes, because I’ve been super timid about my eyeshadow.  You can tell I did my right eye first.  That shadow is all over the place.  I got things under control on my left eye, and I think that’s something I could actually wear to work.

r2haulToday, I made use of all the goodies I picked up at Walgreens, including some eye primer.  This stuff is so sexy!  I think my eye makeup could have survived a monsoon.  I never realized what a difference it could make.  One of my biggest problems with all-day makeup is that my eye makeup seems to melt down under my bottom lid after a few hours.  Problem solved!


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