Money Talks: Ibotta Review

Okay, you should know one thing about me: I suck at saving money!  I have willpower and discipline over many things, but money isn’t one of them.  If you’re reading this because you need money help, I’m going to guess you have a similar problem.  Keep reading, because you need this in your life!


A couple months ago, I downloaded ibotta upon recommendation of an article for how to make money online.  It looked promising, and a couple of my friends were already there.  There is a huge list of stores that work with the app, and many of them will give you money for any receipt regardless of the items.  I’ve used mine for Walmart, HEB and Walgreens purchases, but there’s so much more!  Even online shops will add to your cash-back total.

You get bonuses for signing up, inviting friends, hitting monthly milestones within your friend group,  and for making purchases on certain days of the week.  Just save up $20 to get your cash-back deposit via PayPal or Venmo.  I just cashed in for $23 this week and was super pleased with how easy and quick it was to get my money.

Think of ibotta like a savings account fueled by coupons (and yes, you can use coupons on the items and still claim the cash back from ibotta).  Look through the app to see if you’re already shopping for anything with an offer.  You can even add offers after you shop.  When you’re ready, just scan your receipt and ibotta will spot the offers you’ve completed.  It just takes a minute to claim your savings.

The only con for me is that sometimes I forget to scan and toss my receipt.  It does encourage you to spend money (like I needed the encouragement).  I took a break with about $17 on my balance, but you earn faster when your friends are using the app too.  This week I pulled in the difference on my lunch break with some jerky and Bai drinks, and had the savings in my bank before I even got back to the office.

Five stars! I really like this app and I encourage you to give it a try.  Invite your friends and earn and extra $40 when four friends join!  Of course I would be super grateful if you used my referral link here, but I understand if you want to ask your friends for a code and help them out.


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