Late 2 Bloom is on Patreon!

Want early access to the Stone of the Week?  How about puzzles, coloring pages or a comic strip?  Late 2 Bloom now has a monthly newsletter on Patreon.  The newsletter will feature articles that don’t show up on the blog, as well as printable goodies for you to enjoy.  Issue 1 is available now for free to give you a sample of what’s coming.  The best part? The newsletter is only $1/month.

It would mean so much to me if you subscribed.  I’m so excited to share this newsletter with you!

Topics in Issue 1 include:

  • Lammas Day
  • Gemstones
  • How to Change Someone’s Mind
  • What to Watch (viewing suggestions for movies coming to Netflix)
  • Avoiding Empty Journal Syndrome

You can download Issue 1 here, or visit my Patreon page for more information.

Thank you!


One thought on “Late 2 Bloom is on Patreon!

  1. I’ve been considering becoming a creator on Patreon as well. I made a profile and everything but just don’t have the motivation to publish it. What are your thoughts on it so far?


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