Conflicting Sorting Ceremony Results

Nerd Alert! I’m pretty excited about the new Ilvermorny sorting quiz and new house details released by J.K. Rowling this week. I’m a Horned Serpent, in case you were wondering. The last couple years have been strange for me, because I’d been a long-time Ravenclaw until recently. With the Pottermore updates, I was re-sorted into Slytherin. What happened!? I know that Slytherins have a reputation, but that they also have excellent qualities too, I just never saw myself that way. I’m not terribly ambitious or competitive.
I have a theory, at least for Ravenclaws, that might explain what changed. A couple years ago, I joined a Nerdfighter group on Facebook. As you would expect, the majority of Nerdfighters are Ravenclaw. Having taken pride in my intelligence for most of my life, I was now among a whole community of brilliant minds. Even being above average just made me mediocre in this group. Over time, I placed less and less value on my intelligence, and wasn’t really sure what made me different. That may well be the Slytherin secondary taking over. I needed to be different. I needed an identity. I needed to stand out somehow.
I think this happens to a lot of Ravenclaws once they start spending more time together. Maybe I was Slytherin all along, but what made me special before was my intelligence. I’m not particularly athletic, I’m not a people person, I’m pretty shy. Once I found myself surrounded by people who were appropriately nerdy like me, it wasn’t enough just to blend in.

What do you think? Have you gotten conflicting results from Sorting Ceremonies? Do you think that the line between intelligence and cunning leads to mismatched wizards/witches?

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