IPSY Time! June: Rebel Rebel!


I absolutely could NOT stay away!  I mean $10 is a great deal for what you get.  What lured me back to ipsy this month was a promise of Urban Decay shadow (or theBalm, but I like them too).  Also, this bag is too damn cute!  New favorite bag, 5 out of 5.  Let’s take a look at the goodies.

BioRepublic SkinCare Fiber Mask Set

(3 for $14.95; ipsy bag includes 2) $9.97

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I last used these masks.  I got them in my June 2015 Glam Bag and loved them to pieces.  I’ve tried the Cucumber mask before, but the Pomegranate is new to me.  I have no doubt it will be just as good as the previous masks. Giving this a 5 out of 5, no question.

Royal & Langnickel MODA™ Crease/Smudge Brush


Brushes.  I love getting brushes.  More brushes means more colors.  This duet is as soft and dense as the Luxie brush I got in my February bag last year.  I thought that brush was great, but I have more use for eye makeup brushes, so this is just what I needed.  Another 5 out of 5. So far, I am really glad I picked up ipsy this month.

Seraphine Botanicals Happy Hibiscus Blush

Full-size product $18

Alright, when I first learned I’d be getting a blush in my bag, I wasn’t that excited.  I don’t usually wear blush, especially in the summer when my foundation is sure to melt off, because my cheeks are plenty pink anyway.  For my pores, the lighter the coverage, the less obvious they are, so I just go with my natural rosy glow.  As I read about this brand, however, I couldn’t wait to have this in my collection.  They took as many concerns into consideration as possible in the formula and packaging of this product.  Now that I’ve tried it out myself, I can’t wait for cooler weather.  It’s a classy coral with great layering control.  I can’t believe I’m doing this for a blush, but it’s another 5 out of 5.

VASANTI COSMETICS Kajal Eyeliner in Black

Full-size product $19

You know I’m pretty set in my eyeliner ways.  It took me this long to find the right combination of products for my eyes.  I was on the fence about this one, but had to remember that my favorite liner ever came in an ipsy bag.  I’ve tried other products from Vasanti, so my opinion of the brand is positive, but I’ve never used Kajal/kohl eyeliner before.  I can see the appeal and it could easily take the place of my tightline cake eyeliner in a travel bag.  It’s not quite as good, but it’s quick and will stay in place, so I can see myself continuing to use it.  The twist-up pencil is a lifesaver for me.  I still prefer the precision of my felt liner for my lash line.  It’s one more step toward a completely portable beauty routine, so I’ll give it a decent 4 out of 5.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Fireball

(full-size: 1.5g @ $19; ipsy size: 0.2 g) $2.53

Here it is, the product that brought me back.  If I’m being honest, I was hoping for the Lounge shade, but I realize that I’ve already pretty much got that same shade in my Comfort Zone palette.  Fireball is new to me, and though I can’t believe I’m saying this (please don’t throw rocks at me) it’s my first Urban Decay shadow.  Look, if I’m getting excited about spending $10 on a bag that might have UD in it, PLUS a bunch of other stuff, you know I don’t have the kind of budget for Naked palettes or that sort of thing.  So here’s the deal; Fireball is a gorgeous color and I’m pleasantly surprised at how nice it looks on me, but Urban Decay shadows aren’t actually the holy grail.  For my first experience, I can’t really justify spending retail price for it.  It’s all in how you use it.  I guarantee if I foiled it, it would be absolutely stunning, but the same can be said for many drugstore shadows.  Maybe I’m being too harsh on it.  Maybe I went in with my expectations way too high based on the price, popularity, and hype.  It is a pretty nice shadow.  My first impression of theBalm was awful and I ended up changing my mind based on how often I ended up using it.  Can I really give so many perfect scores in one bag?  Ugh, I’m so conflicted!  As I see myself getting a lot of use out of this shade, yes, I’m giving it 5 out of 5.



Top to bottom: Happy Hibiscus blush, Vasanti Kajal liner, UD Fireball shadow


Kajal liner, Fireball on lid, but the pink in the crease/corner/lower lid is actually a nameless shadow from The Color Workshop.  Both applied over the same Wet n’ Wild primer.

I’ve recolored my hair this week, because rather than cut it short again, I decided to cover up the bleached ends and keep on growing it out.  The colors chosen for my glam bag by the database gnomes turned out really pretty with the new hair color.  It’s so dark burgundy, it’s almost black, so the peachy pinks really glow against my pale skin.  This was an excellent time to come back to ipsy, even though I may not be able to stay with the ever-increasing electric bills of summer.


Half on, half off

Total value: $55.49; ipsy price: $10

Overall Score: 4.83   I think this is the best bag I’ve had.  If you’re not already a subscriber and you’d like to be, I’d be so grateful if you used my referral link.  Thanks so much!


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