Stone of the Week: Emerald


Do you feel loved?  I love and appreciate every one of you that takes the time to read my blog.  This week, I’m tackling the May birthstone, which I actually have in my possession (shock!).  Emerald is actually one of the easier stones to acquire, unlike diamond and sapphire, and has so many uses.  When I pulled mine out, I was immediately compelled to stop and explore a memory.  I recalled a dream I’d had last night where I returned to a place I used to spend many hours as a young child.  I closed my eyes and tried to focus my mind on rebuilding the place, and it was successful right down to the corner behind the recliner where I learned to tie my shoes.  Give it a try.  Meditate with some Emerald and see where it takes you.



2 thoughts on “Stone of the Week: Emerald

  1. I was unaware until recently that emeralds come in several different colors. I would just like to have a beautiful green one !


    1. Technically it’s the same type of stone, Beryl, but Emerald is the name for the green variety. The others have different names, but all are Beryl stones.


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