Garnier Whole Blends


Earlier this month, I had an opportunity to try out a few different formulas from Garnier’s new Whole Blends collection.  The campaign didn’t require me to blog about my experience, and I’m not getting any further credit as the campaign is closed, so what I’m sharing with you today is completely voluntary.  I just wanted to let you know what worked for me and what might need some revision.

The first sample I tried was Honey Treasures.  This blend is made with royal jelly, honey, and propolis extracts, and is formulated to protect damaged hair and prevent split ends.  I was drawn to this one first, because I dye my hair frequently.  Over the last year, I’ve bleached my underlayer at least 4 times, and that alone has taken a tremendous toll.  In addition to chemical stress, my hair also faces heat stress, because I like to straighten it on special occasions.  To combat this, I’ve been using Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser (I stock up on the gift sets after Christmas, because that’s the best time of year to get shower products).  Honey Treasures is the Whole Blends answer to Damage Eraser, and dare I say it works even better!  My hair felt so much softer, smoother and healthier after the first use of Honey Treasures that I’m thinking I’ll permanently switch.


The other two formulas didn’t work as well for me.  Coconut Water & Vanilla Milk was meant to be hydrating, and I was actually terrified for my hair after I rinsed the shampoo out.  It felt dried out and squeaky.  Thankfully, the conditioner toned that down to a reasonable level.  I won’t use the blue bottle again.

Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter is a good blend, but I don’t think it has the power to deliver on its advertised purpose.  If you want frizz control, you can work oil through your hair after a shower.  This shampoo and conditioner alone won’t really tame the chaos.  Smells good though.

So if you have super fine, color-damaged hair, I definitely recommend Honey Treasures.  If you need frizz control after that, just find an oil you like, and don’t believe that your conditioner is going to solve the problem.


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