Try the Thing: Tube Mascara


Going out with Covergirl Remarkable Mascara and eyeliner by Starlooks.

My eyes are difficult to work with on a good day.  I give harsh reviews to many popular favorite eye makeups for the simple fact that it leaves an unholy mess under my eyes within hours.  I switched to an eyeliner that uses an oil-based activator to resist the moisture from my waterline, but waterproof mascara wasn’t doing the trick.  True, it worked better than basic mascara, but I would still end up with raccoon eyes.

I did some research on ways to prevent eye makeup from falling, and I stumbled across “tubing” mascara.  Eye moisture is not only caused by the tears in your eyes, but by the oils of your eyelids being wicked up your lashes.  Waterproof mascara still breaks down with oil.  What makes tubing mascara so special is the polymer ingredient that dries into a tube around each lash.  It doesn’t wash off with typical makeup remover, but warm water will cause the tubes to expand and slide free.

The pioneer in this cosmetic advancement is Blinc, but a tube of Blinc costs $26.  Luckily, there are drugstore alternatives.  They don’t all state specifically that they are tubing mascaras, so you’ll have to know what you’re looking for before you go to the store.  I found a complete list and selected Covergirl Remarkable.


I got a chance to try it out in the Texas heat and humidity today.  My family enjoyed an August birthday lunch at a BBQ joint tucked away on a county road.  Twelve hours later, I’m still free of dark circles (from my makeup anyway).  Yes, I even fell asleep for a bit with my makeup on.  I’d say this was a success for the mascara and eyeliner.  The eyeshadow looks like death warmed over, which is completely opposite of what normally happens after several hours of wear.


I’m definitely in love with this mascara.  It’s about $5 at Walmart and can be applied lightly for a natural boost, or thick for a more dramatic style.  If you struggle with raccoon eyes, have oily skin, or live in a sticky climate, you’ve got to add this to your collection.


2 thoughts on “Try the Thing: Tube Mascara

  1. I had no idea about this tubing mascara. I quit wearing mascara because I always ended up with raccoon eyes, too. Same with eye shadow. My eyelids get so greasy! I’ll have to give this a type a try next time I buy some mascara. 🙂

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