Everything in Between: Fresh is Fierce


Alright, let’s get rollin’ on this week’s review! Last weekend, there was some major controversy over a woman posting photos (fully clothed, mind you) hinting at the struggles of women in regards to their periods. Instagram didn’t seem to think leaving a red spot on the bed was appropriate, even though it happens to anyone who gets a period at least a couple times in their lifetime.
The photographer’s goal was to demystify that time of the month, so that girls could see they aren’t alone in their woes, and guys could understand what their wife/girlfriend/mother/sister/daughter/future-girlfriend goes through beyond the technical aspects junior high health class teaches.
I was surprised and happy, after this news, to receive the Carefree VoxBox from Influenster. In my box, I received a 20-pack of Acti-fresh pantiliners. My boyfriend looked over my shoulder and said “Pads!” to which I replied “Pantiliners!” “What’s the difference?” As I explained the difference, I realized just how many uses these little doodads have, and why it’s important to talk about it.
I typically don’t use them. I have in the past, when I was just starting college, but didn’t feel a need to continue buying them. Now that I’m in my thirties, I can think of several reasons right off the top of my head. Ladies, don’t be embarrassed! You’re getting a little older, you’re not keeping up with Kegels, you get relaxed and then ACHOO! Oh my god…yup. Were you expecting that? It happens. This was one of the reasons I gave my boyfriend for why a woman should use pantiliners. He was actually the one to make me feel less awkward about that. When you have the advantage of getting intimate with more than one female body, you find out that most of them share common problems like this.
Another reason is the awkward end of a period. It doesn’t warrant waddling around with a pad, but there’s always just a little bit more that might show up while you’re out getting stuff done for the day. You can do this before your period too. I know sometimes my cramps wait until I’m already having my period, but sometimes I get them a week before, so there are days when I’m not sure if I should go ahead and wear something just in case or risk it and wear dark pants to work.
Another reason you might need them is being super turned on. I haven’t had this affect my clothing, but I know someone who lives in a near constant state of arousal, and she explains that sometimes the dampness even gets to her jeans. It’s not hard to believe, but it seems like something you’d definitely want to prepare for when you’re getting dressed. Voila! Pantiliner!
So what criteria should I use to judge Carefree Acti-fresh pantiliners? Comfort, scent, hold, absorbency, residue, lint, design?

I want to start with scent, because I’ve used some products that I swear smelled like buttered popcorn straight out of the package. Why on earth would I want my crotch to smell like I got felt up in a movie theater? No, the Carefree liners smell like nothing. That’s great! That’s exactly what I want.


The packaging is neat and secure, but the pattern/colors just scream “feminine hygiene product!” If this jumped out of your pocket, there’s no question what’s inside.


As far as hold, it stays secure on your panties until you’re ready to remove it. If you have to adjust it after it’s stuck on, you can do that without losing any of the original hold. Also, if you remove it and don’t replace it, there is no glue residue left on your panties.

As advertised, it feels like nothing. You wouldn’t notice you’re wearing anything different. It doesn’t leave any lint behind (I don’t think I’ve had a problem with that, but I imagine any fiber product has the potential to leave lint).

Not sure about the absorbency. I don’t think I’d be able to stress test this naturally, so let me run to the kitchen and see how much water it will hold without being messy.


Wow! These liners will hold 4 teaspoons of fluid. If I’m expecting anything close to that, I’m definitely already using a pad, but it’s good to know they’ve got me covered.

So what do you think? Any questions I might not have addressed? Do you use this or another brand already? If not, are you considering it?

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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